Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I See You Tuesday

I See You

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Molly McAdams


❤👀I See You Tuesday👀❤
I See You by Molly McAdams
Releasing November 1

Have you ever been in love? Been in a relationship? Been living with someone? Been wanting so hard to have their family like you… especially their MOM? That’s where Aurora Wilde finds herself now…

“Hi, Linda!”

There were no fake smiles from her now since there was no family around, just a calculating eye as her lips pursed with her disapproval. “Rorie, go make me a sweet tea. I’m just parched, it’s so hot outside.”

“No ‘hello’ then,” I mumbled toward the floor as I pushed myself up.

“This place is absurd,” Linda said as I passed her.

The fake smile that had been plastered on my face from the moment Linda had walked into the apartment fell as soon as I hit the kitchen and heard her words.

I opened the fridge and grabbed the pitcher of sweet tea I’d made that morning—as I did every morning specifically for this type of unannounced event—and walked to the cupboard for a glass. My body tensed when I heard a tsk behind me, but I didn’t turn around.

“It’s just devastating for you, I’m sure.”

I glanced to the side when Linda leaned against the counter I was at. “What do you mean?”

“Well, honey, if I wouldn’t have been the one who sent you off to the kitchen, I would’ve been sure there was a little boy standing in here with a wig on! A woman needs curves, and you just don’t have them.”

Have YOU ever had a Monster-In-Law? Let us know!
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2dC3kfV

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