Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Her Master's Gift

Newly collared and claimed, Katie can’t wait to start her journey as her Master’s slave. Her dreams of pain and pleasure at his hands are brought to a halt when Sam tells her what her first task of obedience will be: find a new bed partner at Stroke, a club that caters to kinksters looking to expand their horizons in many ways. The problem? It has to be another woman.

Betrayed as a novice by a woman, Katie is skittish yet intrigued. While she knows Master will keep her safe, can she gather the courage necessary to move beyond the past and accept, without regrets, her Master’s gift?


Behind the Scenes of Her Master’s Gift

Her Master’s Gift was inspired by the idea of moving beyond fears, and of doing something new and scary and exciting. A lot of the interactions and events are based on things that I’ve had experience with, and in general on what I saw in the Lifestyle community I was involved with at the time.

Every BDSM-based relationship is different. Not every one of them will involve more than two people in a relationship. For me, pretty much all of my relationships have involved multiple partners, either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. Right now, I consider myself monogamous with options, but in the past I’ve been involved in polyamorous relationships of various configurations, as well as play partner dynamics that ran the gamut from play-only to sex-only.

The concept of that freedom, to explore sexually, and sexuality, is really fun for me, and also quite normal in my life. So when I write, the idea that more than two people might be involved depends on the characters, but isn’t automatically out of the question.

Now, Katie is mostly monogamous, but she’s an explorer as well. She’s very devoted, but also full of curiosity and wants to try out everything from the safety of a protective relationship. Sam wants to give her what she wants, though he’s not completely unselfish in his desires. I mean, we’re all selfish to some extent, but if she hadn’t really wanted and needed to explore this aspect of her sexuality, and to face her fear, Sam wouldn’t have pushed for that, or pushed for it in exactly the same way.

And Jeanie! Jeanie was a really nifty character to get to know. She’s enthusiastic, unashamed, and quite skilled on both ends of the flogger, so to speak. But, she’s also faced her own relationship issues, and being emotionally involved beyond friendship and fun is something that scares her. So her connection to Katie has a basis in similar pain, even if their fears come from different places.  

Her Master’s Gift was inspired by concepts like fear and freedom, but the characters are what really fleshed it out. They led me on a merry chase, exploring themselves and each other. It’s what I love most about this story, and what I look forward to exploring more in the future with Jeanie’s tale. 

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In the beginning was the word.
And the word was kinky.
Well, wait a minute. Kinky, painful, dark, delicious, and playful. Those are the five adjectives to describe Dena Celeste’s erotic romance.
She is a pansexual chick from the Southeast United States who has participated in BDSM and its community for well over a decade now. The pleasure of her lifestyle is highly enhanced by the muse she has in her husband.
It’s important to state the experience of her lifestyle because she can and she will fool you with her sweet wide-eyed expressions. The halo sits rather comfortably on her head, but beneath it is a brain that explores the darker edges of physical and mental experiences. Her writing reflects the beautifully sinister nature of pain and pleasure, and how they can be woven together to maximum effect.
This erotic romance writer intends to share many tales of living and playing in the Lifestyle in which her characters participate. Oh, and do their dreams come true, in the seductive fantasy worlds that Dena weaves.
In the end was the word.
And the word was satisfied.

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