Monday, April 13, 2015

Breathless Monday: Roots of Love

Michael Schwep has vowed to remain a bachelor until he retires from the military, but a night with his sister's friend could change his mind.

A friend's wedding can be trying at the best of times, but toss in a one night stand with the bride's brother and it can be a torment. Alice Henley arranges flowers, plays in the dirt, and looks for the simple pleasures in life. Michael Schwep has already proven to be a temptation. A walk down the aisle couldn't get more complicated.
"How much do you think she heard?" Alice cringed.
"My sister is a lot of things, but stupid isn't one of them. I hope you're prepared for the return of the Inquisition." His bad boy smile made her tummy flip. "When Lizzie wants to know something she can be worse than a bull dog after a bone."
"It would serve you right if I told her, but I don't want to ruin her weekend."
"You say that like I committed a crime. Last I knew seducing a beautiful woman didn't constitute high treason." Though she felt warm at being referred to as beautiful, she glared at him.
"No, it doesn't. Using her friend to slake some sleazy need and then telling her thanks for a good time two seconds after rolling off her is morally underhanded."
"Look at you on that high horse... Is it cold up there?"
"Screw you."
"You already did that." The sound of her palm making contact with his cheek shocked her almost as much as the sting. She stared up at him, appalled by her act of violence as much as his sudden laughter.
"Welcome to the rabbit hole, Alice of Wonder." He moved lightning fast, his hand capturing her neck before his lips planted a hard kiss on her.
About the author:
Kelliea Ashley lives near the Canadian Border in upstate New York with her husband, Josh, a cat named Copperkitty, a dog named Sammy, four fluffy bunnies. Also several fish, who do not have names and are very lucky her husband feeds them.
Kelliea grew up an only child with a devoted single mother. She looked at books as companions and writing as a favorite escape. She has always been a bookworm who steadfastly refused to give up her paperbacks until her loving hubby bought her a Kindle for Christmas. Secretly she still adores the smell of a well-read book, but sh…don’t tell her husband.
She has a habit in the form of chocolate and loves a glass of sweet red wine. Romance has always been her favorite genre because she sees the miracle and magic in finding ones’ true love. She has several romances published at Breathless Press. All can be accessed on the website at
Kelliea can be contacted at:
kellieaashley@AshleyKelliea on Twitter Kelliea's Quips Blog
Email at

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