Monday, July 22, 2013

Breathe You In: A Sexy Romance That Will Leave You Breathless

Sometimes you don’t realize how special a moment is until it’s a memory.

When he held me in his arms I saw a handsome, vibrant man with desire in his eyes and love in his heart. But Ruben Strong was more than that; he was a way out of my darkness, a glimmer of light peeking through my shroud—he was a piece of what I no longer had.

What he didn’t know, but I did, was that he’d been waiting for me. It had taken me time and courage to go looking for him, but if I hadn’t done what I’d done on my bleakest day, he wouldn’t have been there for me to find.

My tumbling decisions led to a meeting that tipped everything I thought I knew about myself upside down. Lying warm and naked in his bed, my old memories became new ones and our souls talked to each other in a way only we could understand. And our bodies, once we were brave enough to hum a quiet tune, quickly produced a beautifully sexy song that threw open the doors to love and laughter in my life once more.

Reader advisory – Breathe You In is a romance with themes of love, loss and hope and contains several explicit sex scenes.


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What do you do when you are locked in grief  and the one person that could bring you out of it holds all that is left of the man who promised to love you til death do you part?

Katie is reeling from the death of her husband Matt. Her life is a shell of what she has known before. Making the decision to donate some of Matt's organs was not an easy one, but when she finds out that someone is walking around with his lungs and heart, she becomes obsessed with finding closure so she can move on with her life.

Ruben is a man recovering from a transplant that has given him a new lease on life. When a lovely young woman shows up at the museum he is working at, he is immediately attracted to her and asks her out. Saving her from a rabid peacock and an out of control exhibit is the start of a whirlwind relationship. Only Katie has a secret. She was married to the man whose organs now reside inside of Ruben. 

This book was a refreshing blast of riotous emotions that left me gasping for air and reading as fast as I could. The depth of feeling in all areas of the book was so real I absolutely fell in love with this story.  Katie was character that as a reader, you could really identify with. Knowing the power grief has to knock your life out of orbit completely, I found myself really feeling for her. She was lost in a sea of lonely isolation and only when she met Ruben did a flicker of life come back into her.

The tough part in this book is this: do you tell the man you are falling for that he has the organs of your dead husband. Like a train wreck, you know something is going to go horribly wrong as girl gets guy, girl falls head over heels and guy finds out girl has sort of left out one very important detail about how they met. *ouch* Will they be able to get over a tiny omission of something that might not matter after all? You will have to read this one to find out. 

Lily Harlem knocks this one out of the park. It is one of her more tame stories but the sweetness and depth of emotion carried me away. Katie and Ruben are characters you can't help falling in love with over and over again as the blush of love chases darkness and death out of both of their lives. A thrilling and sexy read by one of today's most talented erotica writers. 

An excellent read! 5/5

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