Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun, Sand & Seances

Bobbi Collins, a caring and devoted kindergarten teacher, was shocked when her fiancé was found him dead in his apartment five years ago. She still has a difficult time dealing with her loss. Her role as an educator fills up her week, but Bobbi’s weekends are filled with longing.
When she stumbles across a newspaper ad for a psychic fair in the historic town of Cape May,  NJ, it seems like the answer. Bobbi is determined to revive her once vibrant spirit.
Kevin Carlton a successful realtor, is tired of the dating game. He doesn’t remember buying a raffle ticket, but when his co-worker announces he holds the winning number, he decides to take a chance and attend the all expense paid weekend in Cape May, at the Lady of the Sea's Psychic Fair. Since he was a lazy and unfocused teen, with no direction, Kevin’s goal is to find a spiritualist who has the ability to contact his father, in hopes of gaining his approval.
Sparks fly when Bobbi and Kevin run into one another at the fair. When strange happenings occur, Bobbi rushes into her ex-boyfriends arms. She never imagined having a weekend of magic, memories, and a chance to rekindle the flame with her lost love. 
Will two people who once shared something wonderful, be able to reconnect after dealing with the sudden tragedies in their lives or will it be too late?  Bobbi fears someone or something wants to keep them apart.
Can the historic town of Cape May cast a spell on their hearts and allow them to find what they both desire?  How will passion survive amongst the backdrop of a town where spirits never sleep?

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