Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Total E-Bound: A Taste For Blood

A Taste for Blood

Being damned for eternity is a bitch, especially when you're spending it alone.
Alex may be four hundred years old, but he's only second in command to the coven's leader, Corvis. When Corvis orders Alex to hand over his sub, Kassidy, as a communal blood donor, Alex has no choice but to defy protocol and take his relationship with Kassy to the next level. But while controlling his newly turned sub isn't a problem, the bodies turning up all over Boston are.
Kassy isn't the only new-blooded vampire in town, but unless they can prove she’s innocent of the murders, she and Alex could face banishment, or worse. And if being forced to hide away in the blood den isn't bad enough, news of a favourite donor's disappearance is all it takes to send Alex right over the edge.
Can they find the rogue vampire before he kills again? Or will they be forced into exile for murders they didn't commit?
Reader Advisory: This book contains themes of D/s, bloodsucking during sex and some F/F kissing.

Total E-Bound

A Taste For Blood
Erin Lark

Contemporary.  Paranormal

BDSM.  M/F.  F/M/F.  

67 pages 

Fantastic cover

Alex was back to visit Kassidy again but even if she was his sub he had other plans for her this evening.  Today with her permission he was going to turn her.

Corvis had turned Alex and was the coven leader and he wanted Alex to bring Kassidy to the den to be used as a blood donner as well as a sub but Kassidy meant too much to him to let that happen to her. He had wanted to turn her since he met her.

Vampires have rules about how many can be turned and Alex knew he was doing wrong on that score for doing it but he couldn't let Corvis turn her and use her as he knew he planned to.

Alex now has to ease Kassidy thru her first feeding and get her settled in her new life.  Corvis still wants Kassidy and plots to eliminate Alex.

A fun vampire read. 

4 star

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