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Total E-Bound: Laura's Light

Laura's Light

Book three in the League of Love Series

A much sought-after, successful career hasn’t been enough to bring happiness to his life—is it possible that one woman can light up his darkness?
Forty-two-year-old single mother Laura Harris has devoted more than half her life to raising her son. She remembers the concept of having sex but it’s been aeons since she’s actually been a participant—especially with a real flesh-and-blood partner. But it’s time to reclaim her life. Her son is a man now, and the rising star of the Jets Rugby League team.
Their future is brighter than ever and, for the first time, financially secure. But Laura is starting to think agreeing to have dinner with Trevor Hughes could be biting off more than she can chew. Not that she can’t see herself taking a nice big chunk from the absolutely gorgeous, thirty-four-year-old sports-commentator’s rump—he’s one prime piece of masculinity! She just isn’t sure how or when the whole sex thing will become an issue. She can’t even get past the what-to-wear step, let alone reach the when-to-take-it-off stage…
Trevor Hughes usually avoids woman with substance—he has enough of his own demons to deal without trying to care for anyone else. But there’s something about the upbeat, sexy, one-woman dynamo Laura Harris. The woman is pure sunshine and happiness, and that’s surprising when you look at what life has handed her. Nothing seems to dampen Laura’s spirits, and she quickly becomes someone Trevor needs in his life… until misunderstandings come between them. Can Trevor put things right?

Laura's Light
Donna Gallagher

92 pages


This was such an emotionally filled story on so many levels!

Laura being a single mother of 42 wonders if she is strong enough to enter the dating game.  She has raised her son on her own and he is now a grown man and quite a remarkable one at that.

When Trevor asks her to go out she debates as she is a few years older and quite honestly as much as she wants to open a part of herself and live a part of her doubts that she can.  Trevor is only 34, how could it possibly work.

Laura and Trevor finally agree to go on a diner date.  Both are nervous for different reasons but basically because it is a first date.  Things go well and they actually ended up with friends and had very little time to actually get to know each other better as planned.  They go back to Trevor's place because going to Laura's is actually awkward  with her son there.  They do a lot more than talk and actually she ends spending the night.

Trevor takes her home and they face her son together with the fact that mom never did make it home from the dinner date.  All went fairly well and when they were alone again they quickly made their way back to the bedroom.  Trevor is afraid his past demons will catch with him and he tries to explain to Laura his doubts and she misunderstands and thinks he is turned off because of the age difference and she feels the fool for thinking she could have let herself feel loved and wanted when it was a pity fuck for the old lady.

It takes weeks of misery for Trevor to face his feelings and see that he can't let his problems with depression take over.  With the help of his mates he puts together a charity to raise funds and awareness to those like him that suffer from from depression.  He is willing to open himself up to all to gain the understanding needed for people like him and also in hopes Laura will understand where his doubts came from.

A truly emotional story on many fronts and how love can be stronger that ever believed and how with love so much can truly happen.  Goodness and love win again.

Victoria Storm

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