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Total E-Bound: Dare Me

Dare Me

Book two in the Invitations Series

A hotel bed, two pairs of handcuffs, coils of rope and a body builder with a naughty plan—can Kitty Maar handle it all?
Kitty Maar’s secret identity as Kelly M—the ultra-adventurous sexploitation blogger—is the result of Kitty’s overactive imagination.
Her outrageous tales of hooking up with the hottest guys in DC, attending parties at the most exclusive addresses, and joining in on spontaneous ménages at political fundraisers are the talk of Washington. So when she makes plans with Damian Markos, he’s expecting a true sexual wildcat.
Damian’s secret plan is to surprise Kitty with an evening so intense it will test even her sexual boundaries. It isn’t easy coming up with something the city’s most notorious man-hunter might not have already done, but he has connections that run deep in DC’s inner circles.
Damian is determined to show Kitty that he’s the only man she needs to satisfy her every need. Kitty is crazy about Damian, but will she be able to accept the sexual challenge he has planned for her?
Reader Advisory: This book contains mild BDSM.

Dare Me
Isabelle Drake

Contemporary.  Sus/Myst
BDSM. M/F.  Voyeurism

40 pages

5 Star

Kitty is living in a dream world by her Kelly M's blog that she does weekly.  All that she wishes she could do and experience she can do by telling about Kelly's adventures.

Many people find the satisfaction and needed tension release by reading Kelly M's blog because they can live through her sexcapades.  Satisfaction, desire and wishful thinking about all that sex is possible because Kelly M has experiences.

Emily is a friend that means well when she uses Kitty's invitation to a masquerade party but she has no right to pose as Kitty and set up a date with Damian.  Kitty has been e-mailing Damian for some time and he is aware that she writes the Kelly M blog.  Emily is Kitty's best friends and for some reason Kitty has never told her that Kitty writes the Kelly M blog.

With the face to face meeting with Damian Kitty knows she will have to confess that all of the Kelly M blog is talk and nothing more than that.  The scene is set for the date, time, place and Damian has even agrees to play his roll.  Kitty does not know if she can pull this off but going to give it a try.  She enters the room and sees that Damian is on the bed as agreed, nude and cuffed spread eagle with the blindfold in place.  She keeps thinking what would Kelly M do!  This must be what Kelly M feels!  Kitty feels a thrill that she didn't think possible and just maybe she can do this after all.  She proceeds to play the Dom and Damian being a Dom personality wants to see where this will go so he plays along and to his surprise it is a turn on.

Kitty really does not know what to do but when Damian asks her what she is wearing she answers briefly but he digs for more detail she gives another answer. He keeps asking her to describe what she is doing move by move but when he asks her to get the condom and put it on she is at a loss.  She doesn't know how to open it package let alone how to put it on.  Just the feel of putting the condom on gives her the feeling of power that she needs to continue so she mounts him and has the ride of her life.  "This is how Kelly M must feel".

She dismounts and gets a warm washcloth to clean Damian up with and to dispose to the condom and Damian still being blindfolded as she strokes him.  Kitty is amazed at herself at what she just did but even more amazed how good it feels to stroke Damian.  The moment of truth is arriving and she must uncuff him and own up to not really knowing what she was doing.

Damian wanted something special for this date with this sex kitten so he made his own plans in addition to what was mutually agreed upon.  He is so anxious to share his surprise that he tells her to wait with whatever it is that she wants to talk about.

Damian leads her to the door leading to the next room and asks her "Have you already experienced Kinbaku?  It's different from the usual BDSM stuff because the way it looks is as important as the sensation of being tied".  Tommy and Georgia are introduced and soon Kitty finds herself on the floor being tied with ropes the same Georgia has been.  The whole sensation of watching Tommy tie her up is turning Kitty on and soon she is turned back over Damian and is able to experience what she is watching as Tommy pleasures Georgia.  Never in her wildest imagination has she or could she ever experience the sensations she is now living.  

Kitty has had an experience of her life and is afraid that when she tells Damian the truth he will walk out of her life but she cannot live the lie with him, this has all been so special and so is he. The characters really clicked in this book and I really loved it!

Who would ever guess that in real life Kitty would be one up on Kelly M.  Fun and fantastic.

Victoria Storm

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