Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Mayor's Daughter: Draft Pony

The Mayor's Daughter I:  Draft Pony

Stopped for speeding while on the way to her 19th birthday party, the sexy young Jessica Miller assumes she’ll get by with the usual warning. Although her glove box is filled with unpaid tickets, she’s sure that her daddy, the Mayor, will ‘take care of it,’ just as he always does. However, once the officer pulls her driving records, he abruptly orders her from the car, subjects her to a demeaning pat down, then cuffs her ankles and wrists, and shoves her into the back of his cruiser. Arrested for attempted armed robbery! Oh, but this is a huge mistake! 

On the way to the police station, the stunned Jessica rattles off a battery of questions, only to learn from the smooth-talking officer that she’s not been arrested at all. She’s been kidnapped! Taken to a secluded grist mill, she’ll be held until her daddy pays the ransom demands. Once in the mill her terror multiplies, as her captor begins an S&M ‘birthday celebration,’ during which she’s bound and gagged, in a ‘bobbing for apples’ style contest with a tub of water and balls, then photographed in her dire state. The photos will land in daddy’s email, proof she’s alive and in danger. The officer continues her torment with his roving hands moving adroitly over her body and rousing her sexual desires. Much to her further distress, her excited body climaxes in its prison of rope. 

While waiting for daddy to respond, the officer begins the ‘training’ portion of her captivity: a regime of bondage and female pony training designed to turn the terrified girl into a human pony, fitted with the appropriate harness, bridle, bit, tack and tail. “There’s always a good market for a well-trained filly,” he tells her. If daddy doesn’t want her, he’s sure some wealthy man will. 

In time, Jessica will learn the shocking truth about her nightmarish captivity. Until then, she’ll endure humiliating and often painful pony workouts as she learns to become both a hard-working ‘draft’ pony and a prized ‘show pony’ in a fancy costume. This steamy, SM fetish fantasy includes bondage, suspension, whipping, electric torture, hot wax, sleep deprivation, punishment, sex and much more!


When Jessica gets pulled over, she has no way of knowing the cop behind the wheel is not your average man in blue. He is a sadist bent on making her his prize show pony. Raw and visceral, this story is full of terrifying imagery of being taken, held captive and subjected to sexual torture. To bring Jessica to heel, creative methods of pony play and extreme elements persuade her to work toward becoming a show pony. Her motivation increases when she finds that her father may have had a part in her disappearance. Angry and wanting to find a way to survive, she will do anything to avoid being killed. Even if it means forgetting to be human and embracing her equine fate.

This  book is as much disturbing as it is fascinating. The dark erotic context of subjecting someone to your will and making them become a pony was extremely gut clenching. In a way, Jessica is learning to be more human as she is faced with the reality that her life was a lie, her father wanted her dead and now this man who is holding her captive and torturing her body may be her only way out.

There are some triggers in this book that bear mentioning. This is dark erotica. Non-consensual situations abound, including rape, electrical torture, horse, gags, bondage, anal play and more. 

The beginning of a series, I found myself flipping page after page to see what new torture the officer was going to inflict on Jessica, now known as Sierra. Would she make it past the draft pony stage into show pony life? What other devious things does he have up his sleeves? 

If you like tales of pony play with a darker edge, then this series is for you.


I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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