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Sweet Cravings Tour

Riding the waves of a sugar high, Violet Cunningham seduces the town’s newest pastry chef, slathering him with whipped cream in his secret kitchen. But all that is made of sugar melts, and her brazenness vanishes soon after their tryst, leaving her battling old insecurities about her waistline and appetites, courtesy of her mother. Positive she’s only made a fool of herself, she’s mortified when her boss sends her back to sexy Chef Max’s kitchen and into the proverbial frying pan. After a red-hot date, her chef disappears, and Violet’s emotions simmer to a boil, forcing her to confront the awful truth: there’s more to life than pastry.


“You hungry, sweetheart?” His hot gaze left a trail on my skin and heated through more than one layer of fabric. The innuendo in his voice was unmistakable. He tucked a stray hair behind my ear with a super-warm finger whose touch promised tingling satisfaction. I held my breath and nodded. “For what?” he whispered.

I wanted to whimper. Wanted to melt right there on my kitchen floor. I’m good at bravado—up to a certain point—but being interrogated, even by a hottie, or especially by a hottie, turns me shy real quick. And Max’s stare-right-through-me intensity made me very shy, very quick. Made it hard to say that one little word…the one I so badly wanted to say: You. I opened my mouth but he’d started talking again.

“You see, I know all about hungers. About appetites.” He circled me slowly. Like a tiger using its steamy breath to tenderize its next meal. “And how to satisfy them.”

Maybe so. But surely I must come off as a rather odd case? I mean, I practically raped a pastry chef at a chamber of commerce event! Was there even help for people like me? Concern and embarrassment had me chewing my lower lip. I wanted badly to look away from his gaze—look anywhere but into his chocolate-drizzled eyes. But as if he could read my thoughts, he placed a finger under my chin and held me captive with that simple touch.

“All people have appetites,” he stated. “Your appetites, I know how to feed.” He smiled, and the corners of his eyes crinkled. “I will enjoy feeding them. If you will let me.”

I tried to hide a gulp. He sounded sincere. But how could it be? No man had ever made me such an outrageous offer. I had half a mind to put up a hand and stop him right there. But wasn’t this what I truly wanted? Or would I rather stay within the safe bounds of the pastry goal lines forever and watch my waistband expand? Alone? God. I could hear my mother’s voice…. You’ll never get married with those eating habits, Violet. No man will ever want you. Besides, bigger women can’t get pregnant very easily.

As if he could hear my thoughts, he said, “Even if you think some of your hungers are bad…or wrong.” He pressed a gentle kiss to the tip of my nose. “I assure you they are not. They are perfectly normal.” His arm slid around my back and pulled me close, hip to hip. My sex clenched in anticipation. “All of them.”


We all love them, and all have our favorite type. I’m a huge fan of chocolate, but I also like baklava and jelly beans and cookies! In Sweet Cravings, the main character Violet Cunningham likes cream puffs. Raspberry cream puffs to be exact. I could picture in my mind why she’d love them, but to be honest, when I wrote the story I’d never had a cream puff!

When my writing group found out they had a cow – almost a whole one!

Turns out it’s not very hard to make cream puffs. The dough is simple and the filling can be anything you want. In the back of the book I include a recipe using a pudding filling, but for my cream puff cooking lesson we used whipped cream and fresh strawberries. With powdered sugar on top they were delish!  Very similar to strawberry shortcake but … less spongy, if that makes sense.

After making cream puffs myself, I knew exactly what my character loved about them, so it made it easier to write down her impressions. Boy does she ever enjoy them! Here’s her eating one:

There, sitting majestically by themselves, proudly displaying their unique flaky tenderness, were my absolute all-time favorites: raspberry cream puffs. I stared and I drooled—my panties growing equally wet—at the rivulets of raspberry syrup cascading over the puff’s cap, drizzling over the sensuous curves of creamy filling, and pooling onto the plate, cushioning the puff in a moat of perfect sweetness. I at first wanted to cradle the delicate puff in my hands and care for it like a baby, but before I knew it, I’d grabbed a plate and buried my tongue deep in the almond-colored filling, letting the raspberry sauce coat my lips and chin in the process. Mother would have been horrified at my total abandon, but I’d denied myself this treat too long. Decorum be damned!

I moaned as my mouth filled with the flavors of cream and amaretto custard, and I fell instantly in love. So good. So perfect. Whoever made these is a god.

Someday, I’m going to have write a story about a brownie-o-holic. I know just the perfect recipe to use: It’s my all-time favorite! If you’re hungry … you might just pop into the kitchen and whip up a batch.

Who knows what sexiness you’ll create with such savory goodness on hand?

Happy eating,

Eva Lefoy

Eva Lefoy writes and reads all kinds of romance, and is a certified Trekkie. She’s also terribly addicted to chocolate, tea, and hiking. One of these days, she’ll figure out the meaning of life, quit her job, and go travel the galaxy. Until then, she’s writing down all her dirty thoughts for the sake of future explorers.

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