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Goldie's Locks and the Three Men and a Kick Ass Interview with Liz Adams

A modern erotic retelling of the Fairy Tale Goldilocks.

What if the only way to find the right man was to instead find the right men? As a thief, Goldie is always on the run so she can never settle down with one lover. But when she tackles one final job, could the three bearish men inside the mansion she's staking out promise her more than she could ever dream possible. Goldie's Locks and the Three Men, a modern erotic fairy tale fantasy for women. Her locks and her men, she sure knows how to pick 'em.

WARNING: In this modern erotic fairy tale, Goldie is a thief that has a way of unlocking men’s hearts and stealing their money and clothes. In her search to find rich men to swindle, she instead finds a heart-pumping, thigh-squeezing fantasy for women like herself, including: solo M, M/F, F/F, light B&D, and lots of bare-chested men to enjoy. For 18 years and older.


This retelling of the Goldilocks story was a hot one. It revolves around a girl with the desire never to be victimized again. After some bumpy early life experiences, she hardens her heart, learns some sexy tricks and is determined to seduce her way into riches. When things don't go quite as planned, she tries to abstain from thievery, but can't resist the thrill of the hunt. 

When Goldie finds the perfect mark, she comes out of her semi-retirement and hits the ground running. A heavy duty mansion filled with three hunky men is the target of her wiles. I am pretty sure, but I think I stopped breathing for a little while as I read the break- in part and the fun scenarios that ensued. Liz Adams can create some hot scenes in the kitchen! I will never look at a spatula quite the same way again! *fans face*

This read was a HEA with a surprising twist. You may think you know just how each of these three bears is going to react to Goldie sleeping in their beds, but just wait. You won't see this one coming. Great job Liz! I have a list of fairy tales I would love to see you take on.  I enjoyed this book very much and read it in one sitting. What a lovely way to spend my vacation afternoon!


*Sexy and wanton scenes

Interview time!

1. How did you get started writing erotica?
In college, I had a few outrageous sexual encounters. One in particular was my discovery that I could have female ejaculations. But it wasn't so much that sexual discovery that made the memory so hot. It was the way I discovered it. Who helped me out. Where we were. That exciting memory has kept me crying out in spasms on lonely nights ever since.
When I discovered that there was a series of anthologies called Campus Sexploits, I finally wrote down my experience and submitted it to Naughty Nights Press, the publisher of the anthology. Out of over 170 submissions, mine was one of four that got accepted. I have to say, I wasn't too surprised. The memory of my sexual discovery has been such a good solo sex partner in my bedroom over the years, I knew it would be just the thing for other women's bedrooms, too.
I got such a great response from people who read my short story in the anthology, that I decided to keep going and put out my erotic version of Alice in Wonderland, Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land.
2. What about fairy tales trips your trigger?
Fairy tales are the source of strong, animalistic interactions where emotions run hot and actions are driven by instinct and fundamental desires. Fairy tales provide an ample field to play out highly emotional situations. How could I resist inserting my fingers into the pages of such stories and seeing what juicy tales I could create?
Also, I’ve always loved the never-ending possibilities of what could happen in a fairy tale. The imagination is free to run wild and in places like Alice’s wonderful land, if anything goes, believe me. That means anything goes.
3. Open the book and tell us what is happening.

If I open my Alice’s Sexual Discovery story to a random page, here’s what I get. It’s a scene from when Alice is sitting in a circle of naked men around a campfire:
Alice sucked in a breath when she suddenly remembered she had something a hell of a lot more exciting than contract law.
“I hope it’s still here.” Stuffing her hand in her pocket she found what she was looking for. Yes! The Story of O!
“Stop! Stop!” Alice shouted. “I have a much better story to read you!”
The men talked all at once. “Better than The Non-Disclosure Agreement?” and “Does it have any life-threatening clichés in it?” and “You can read?”
“This is MUCH better than The Non-Disclosure Agreement and no, there are no life-threatening clichés in it.” Alice waved the book over her head like a trophy.
“What’s it called?” Several men wanted to know.
Alice read the title aloud, “It’s called The Story of…” That was strange. The title changed.
“Stupid title,” one man said.
“Yeah, kind of leaves you hanging,” another said.
“No—” Alice stared at the cover. “I didn’t finish reading the full title. It’s just…the title changed.”
“Read the full title, already,” a man whined.
“It says, The Story of OMH."
“Oh, now that’s a good title!” One man cried quite pleased.
Alice opened the book and began to read aloud. “ ‘Old Mother Hubbard lived in a cupboard…’ ”

4. Plotter or pantster?
I usually plot and pant at the same time. ;-)
5. What is next for you in your writer's line up?
I just came out with an erotic version of Goldilocks called Goldie’s Locks and the Three Men. Goldie is a thief trying to find the right life by stealing people’s wealth. When she attempts to rob a mansion occupied by three bearish men, she realizes the right life she seeks can be found by other means. Her locks and her men, she sure knows how to pick ‘em. I added a surprise twist to this story that my readers seem to really love.
I’m also working on a series that’s the sexual travel journal of someone best described as Wonder Woman’s college-bound daughter. It takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia and she has quite a number of wonderful escapades along with confrontations that demand she use her super powers.

Now for fun...
6. Chocolate cake or angel food?
Chocolate cake. I’ve never eaten angels before.
7. Beach or mountain vacation?
Definitely the beach. Often, during photo shoots for the summer catalogue, we pose in bikinis at a beach in the winter so it’s freezing cold. It’s always nice to go to a beach during the summer when it’s warm for a change.
8. Beer or wine?
Wine. I like having white wine handy when I write to see if I can make it blush.
9. Burgers or sushi?
A combination of both called su-gers. I mostly find my sugers in a box of assorted chocolates.
10. What is your most favorite ice cream flavor?
The kind that doesn’t run away from you when you sneeze.

Liz Adams, author of the bestselling erotic fairy tale Alice’s Sexual Discovery in a Wonderful Land, lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Her short story Amy “Red” Riding’s Hood, an erotic version of Red Riding Hood, is an Amazon bestseller and winner of Goodreads’ Book of the Month for October 2012. Liz studied music and creative writing at UCLA and worked as a freelance model before making her writing her career. In her spare time she cuddles with her husband on the couch to watch her favorite shows and often they work together doing research for her books. Feel free to contact Liz through Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/Liz.Adams.Author.

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