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A Visit With Victoria Blisse: More Saucy Tales of the Seaside

Saucy Seaside fun.

Lucy Felthouse and I had so much fun compiling Smut by the Sea Volume one that we decided to do a second one.  We wondered what kind of stories we’d get, the first volume has a definite bias towards stories set in the UK. Not that we were biased when we were picking the stories, there just were far more UK based tales submitted.

Smut by the Sea Volume 2 has a big variety of locations and lots of sun and sexy fun. This time we had tales from all corners of the world submitted, funny how these things work, eh? I wonder what we might get for a volume 3?

 Here’s an excerpt from my Story in the anthology, called ‘Honeymoon Suite’

“Stop it,” I hissed after she stroked my hand for the umpteenth time. “I know you’re trying to help but just tone it down would you?” I don’t know if she really was being overly touchy-feely or if I was just ratty from lack of sleep.
“All right,” she smiled, “but I do like the way that guy on reception keeps staring at us. I think he wants to see us kiss.”
I glanced to my right and sure enough the man behind the reception desk was looking our way. I was sure he’d be eyeing up Sam. He was gorgeous. Tall, tanned and well proportioned. My heart thudded madly just imagining what it would be like to kiss him.
“He’s eyeing you up, love.” I replied with a laugh and dismissed my thoughts as the desires of an overtired and constantly horny single woman. “Anyway, what’s our plan for today?”
“The beach,” Sam exclaimed. “I have the cutest bikini I want to try out.”
“Oh, okay, well, as long as I can find some shade, I can read my book.” I hate the heat, I really do and lying under the sun is not my idea of a good time and trust me, no one wants to see my ample curves in a bikini. But if I could find a little shade, I could read and maybe nap and that was certainly an attractive prospect.
Sam shook her head then munched on a slice of melon.
“Meet you on the beach in ten?”

I like beaches, I do. It’s just I like to see them from a shaded, secluded spot. Sam was spread out on a lounger in the bright sunshine, her pink bikini glowing in the lazy Caribbean light. I huddled under a sunshade a few metres away in my long lined floaty dress sipping from a large glass of ice cold water. I really wanted to be inside in the cool of the air conditioning but as I’d only been outside for half an hour I didn’t think Sam would be awfully impressed with my retreat.
I tried to read my book but kept being distracted by just how hot I was.
“Having fun, Becks?” Sam didn’t look my way, but the sound carried over the lazy wash of the ocean as there were only a few other, mostly silent guests on the hotel’s private beach.
“Hmm,” I replied. “If I had a cabana boy to waft me with a huge palm leaf I’d be in heaven.”
“Well, ma’am, we can’t provide that but we do have some pretty efficient fans if you’d like me to get you one.”
I was startled by the voice of a man with a personally unfamiliar but instantly recognisable English accent. I was so startled I spilt water on my chest. Thankfully my Kindle was on my lap away from the eruption of liquid.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you jump.”
“It’s okay,” I replied. It was the incredibly hot guy I’d seen on reception earlier. “I needed cooling down and that fan sounds fantastic.”
“I’ll be right back.” He smiled and my stomach did back flips. When he came back and set up a powerful battery powered fan I could have kissed him.
“Oh, that’s perfect,” I moaned with inappropriate delight. “Thank you so much—” I looked up at him and his name tag, “Ben.”
“You’re very welcome. If you need anything else, just call.” His smile was delightful; the cool of the fan was forgotten as the depths of my libido flooded me with wanton heat.
“Oh, Ben, could you get me a Mojito?” Sam fluttered her lashes and the hot guy jumped at her command. Nothing new there. I loved Sam dearly, but she didn’t do me any good in the men stakes. Even Eddy asked her out first, but then he was asking everyone out all the time apparently. I should be relieved he left me on my wedding day, dressed in my finest. I felt like a princess until the news arrived that he was a no show.
When Ben brought Sam her Mojito, she touched his hand and flirted with him like she does so easily.
“Well, I’d love to stay here chatting to you and your lovely lady wife, but I must get back to reception. Sadly, it doesn’t run itself.”
Sam giggled as he walked off. “I convinced him that we’re queer. Think we’d be able to bag him for a threesome, he’s pretty damn hot.”
“Sam!” I gasped. “Don’t be ridiculous. I wouldn’t fuck you if my life depended on it.”
“Oh, gee, thanks. I’d fuck you if it meant I got my hands on that hot, tasty morsel.”
“But you’re the easy one in this relationship,” I chuckled. There was no use getting mad, I was there as part of a lesbian couple on my official documentation, letting a member of staff know that was in fact a lie wouldn’t be clever.
“That’s why you love me,” she lifted her sun glasses and winked broadly sending us both into gales of laughter. I started to relax into the holiday with the aid of the powerful fan. I had nothing to do, nowhere to be and crystal clear waters in front of me and a beach that stretched on for miles. Maybe I could make it work.

Award Winning Rosy,Raunchy Romance! 

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