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A Wicked Game: Guest Posting with Gemma Parkes

‘Hi l’m Gemma Parkes, erotic writer and really nice person!’

Thank you Erzabet for inviting me to do a guest spot today.
The statement above is true, l do write erotica, all the time in fact and some of it is really sensual. I’m a sensual person, warm and loving but l have never slept around. I write about sexy situations, ménages, quick sex in voyeuristic situations and people who have only just met satisfying urges they just can’t fight. But l have always been a one man woman.

So what’s it all about?

I love to read well-written erotica, always have. I think women are drawn to it as men are drawn to porn. Sex is fascinating and we are all sexual beings with an ‘itch to scratch’! I see sensuality all around and love to stroke fabrics, cats and skin! So just as crime writers love to explore devious, cunning minds who commit awful crimes, l love to explore naughty, experimental people who love to give themselves to all and sundry without a backward glance!

So now you know a little about me let me tell you about my latest release.

A Wicked Game

Short blurb:

 A clandestine encounter between lecturers at Keywood upper college campus is witnessed by second year psychology student Lucinda White. Determined to make the most of this opportunity Lucinda embarks on a little blackmail, convincing senior lecturer Mr. Peter Caine that she will keep quiet about her discovery in exchange for a series of after college tuition.
But what does Lucinda really want? Is there more to this enigmatic girl than meets the eye?
‘A Wicked Game’ is a story of sexual desire and intrigue. Follow it through its many twists and turns until the story reaches its final climax.
This book is sexually explicit and intended for adults only.


“How long do you think she’d been standing there?” Amy’s voice was almost shrill in its urgency.
“Damn it, l don’t know! Hell Amy why didn’t you lock the damn door when you came in?”
“You could have locked it yourself if you weren’t in such a hurry Peter.” Amy reminded him testily.
Peter sat down in the large leather swivel chair and stared blankly at his office door. He wished he could will it to go back in time and lock itself against this embarrassing intrusion.
“I will sort this,” he said, “Damn girl shouldn’t be up this end of college in the first place, and she should have knocked.”
Ten minutes later, after sending Amy back to her own office, Peter had gathered his thoughts. He knew he needed to act quickly before the story was spread throughout the entire campus. He made his way down to the main reception where he spoke carefully to the college secretary,
“Will you find out where Lucinda White is right now and tell her to make her way to my office please?” he said as pleasantly as he could before adding, “Immediately.” In a tone that left no-one in any uncertainty about his smouldering agitation. Then he headed back there himself to wait.
When Lucinda knocked quietly on the door just a few minutes later Peter was ready for her. He’d paced the room in an attempt to clear his mind and calm his nerves. It wouldn’t do to show fear.
He was pleased to find the girl quite contrite when he opened the door, her eyes were downcast and her posture slightly nervous.
“Ah Lucinda,” he spoke almost paternally, “Do come in and take a seat.” He gestured to the smaller of the two office chairs and watched as she sat herself down. Somewhat demurely she straightened her skirt before raising her eyes momentarily as if trying to gage Peter’s anger towards her.
Peter took the seat opposite her and rested his palms on his knees as he spoke very clearly and carefully.
“Now Lucinda, we seem to have got ourselves into an uncomfortable situation don’t we?”
“Yes sir.” Lucinda replied, her voice barely audible.
“Perhaps you can explain first and foremost why you felt the need to disturb me in my office during my lunch hour? Then you can explain to me why you didn’t knock before entering.”

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 Thanks Gemma for visiting on the blog today! 



  1. WOW! Cool idea for a book. And I love your synopsis. I cannot wait to read this. I HAVE to know what happens in the end!!!

  2. Thank you Lauren! Thanks to you too Erzabet for having me over today!


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