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Mastering Inga by Megan Michaels

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog with my new book Mastering Inga!  As a slave in training, Inga has certain rules she must follow for Master Garrett—and today has been one thing after another, and a bad girl day for sure.  In addition, the children are going to Uncle Preston and Aunt Avery's house (from Finding Submission – for those who have missed them!).

“Where were you guys? We’ve been waiting.” Madalyn stood next to the table with her hands on her hips.
"Little girls — good little girls — do not stand with their hands at their hips, yelling at their Daddy.” Garrett gave her a stern look. “You wanna fix how you said that?”
The last thing he needed this morning was a sassy four year old demanding to know his schedule.
Madalyn dropped her hands. “I missed you, Daddy. When do we eat?”
“Much better. Good girl. We’re going to eat now. Who wants toaster waffles?”
Before anyone could answer, Inga sat in her chair at the table. Garrett cleared his throat loudly. “What are the rules with regard to sitting?”
Inga’s face turned red, and she jumped up, smoothing her skirt, keeping her eyes downcast.
“The rules about sitting are: no standing on your chair, right Daddy?” Madalyn offered, helpfully. “And you aren’t allowed to put your feet on the chair. You have to keep your bottom on the chair. No kicking the table legs either. Those are the rules about sitting, right Daddy?”
“Yes, those are the rules. Now, Miss Inga?” The lovely woman’s shamefaced gaze reluctantly lifted to his. “Do you think you can follow the rules about sitting?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I thought so too. Let’s see if you can behave in that regard for the rest of the day, mmm?”
He nodded toward her chair, her cue to sit.
“Yes I will, Sir. Thank you.”
Garrett smiled in acknowledgment. Breakfast was a quiet affair and before it ended he turned his attention to Madalyn and Liam.
“Daddy’s going to bring you to Uncle Preston and Aunt Avery’s house to play over there today.”
Madalyn frowned. “Daddy, I wanna play at my house.”
“Not today. Today, we’re going to Uncle Preston’s house. Tomorrow, you guys can play in your playroom all day with Miss Inga. You’ll be home for dinner, I promise. Daddy and Miss Inga have to run some errands today. You can bring whatever toys you want to play with to Aunt Avery’s, okay? You always have fun over there. Don’t be grumpy, okay?”
“Ooookay, Daddy. Aunt Avery likes to make cookies. Can I ask her if I can make cookies today?”
Color flooded Madalyn’s little cheeks. “May I ask her if I may make cookies?”
“Yes, you may ask her. Now go pack a bag with some toys for you and Liam. Like I said, we’ll come to get you two after your nap.”
“Okay, Daddy.” Then she ran off.
Garrett waited until his daughter had gone, then turned to Inga. “We’re going to be working on sitting. You are not supposed sit until I nod, giving you permission. As stated before, you’ll sit wherever I nod. If I have no preference as to where you sit, I’ll do the American Sign Language sign for ‘sit.’ Two fingers of one hand resting flat on top of two fingers of the other hand.” He showed her the ASL sign for sit. “When we’re sitting in the living room, you’re to sit at my feet. If I want you to sit on the couch next to me, I’ll pat the couch to let you know. Again, if you have a reason that prevents you from sitting on the floor or you’re uncomfortable or sick, let me know. I’m not a harsh Master.”
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry. I’ve been in trouble most of the day it seems.”
“You’re having a bad girl day for sure. I’m willing to give you a warning about sitting — this once. But if it happens again, you’ll be punished. Understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
* * *


To Inga, serving wasn’t just a job — it was who she was, right down to her bones. The picture of the tall, dark and handsome physician in the assignment profile intrigued her more than the money he offered, more than the generous live-in accommodations, more even than the chance for her to be a caregiver to his two young children in America. No, the picture of the childrens’ father sparked something else in her — an even deeper desire. A need to serve him. For Inga still yearned to serve a man — in every way he required.

A prominent surgeon, wealthy, attractive, and successful, Garrett seemed to have the perfect life. But underneath all of that, he knew one thing for certain: he was a mess. Losing his wife had been devastating enough, but raising two children — alone — only made recovering from her death that much more difficult. Somehow they’d made it through though, scarred, but together. Now, it was time to do something positive, time to take a step forward. And that started with finding someone who could give his two beloved children what he couldn’t — a woman’s touch, a woman’s caring, and a woman’s love.

The lovely blonde woman from Sweden would do nicely — she loved the children, and they loved her right back. He’d just have to ignore the dramatic curves of her lush body, those gorgeous Nordic blue eyes, and the way her sun-kissed skin seemed to glow when she smiled. Yes, that wouldn’t be a problem at all. Right? Not a problem that is until he learned what she really was, what she really wanted — and what he’d needed all along. Another woman to kneel at his feet, another woman who obeyed every command he’d give her, another woman to worship him in every way he demanded. Perhaps he’d finally found what he was looking for, but he’d never know for sure. Because the one woman he wanted, was the very woman he couldn’t have. 

How could he make Inga his, in every way a man could, when she was the caregiver for his own flesh and blood?

Publisher's Warning:  Intended for mature readers. 18 and over only! 

This is a MF BDSM contemporary romance. Themes include: graphic sexuality, M/s, exhibitionism, orgasm denial, spanking, bondage, anal play and other BDSM activities. If such content might offend you, please do not purchase this book

This is a stand alone book and can be read independent of Finding Submission.

Word count: 52,716 words



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