Monday, September 29, 2014

Breathless Monday: Whisper of Rue

1.       How did you start writing erotic romance?
A writer friend dared me to.
2.       Plotter or pantster?
A little of both, in the beginning I like to do some plotting., then my characters take over and I fly by the seat of my pants. J
3.       What are three things you have on your writing desk?
A book by Karen Moning, pens, and smarties.
4.       Favorite food?
Love strawberries
5.       Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
Whisper of Rue was a challenging novella to write. I wrote a bit different than normal adding a more mystery aspect to the story. Gage spoke to me the most first, but in the end I connected with Rue deeper.
6. I write because life is short and it's what I want to do...
7. What is your favorite type of character to write about?
      Strong leading lady.
8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
In book 4- cayenne covered in honey- ten page sex scene- I'd say that was the sexiest but perhaps asking my readers would be a better idea.
9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field?
Don't quit. Even if you think it's sucks, finish the story drop it in a drawer and then write another.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
I'm working on two stories, one about the Drow king which I will write as my NaNoWriMo project and the other is about demons.


After Rue walks into her home, there's a magical earpiece and a mysterious letter waiting for her. On the other end of that earpiece is a tortured soul, whose life is on the line if she doesn't do exactly as Gage Evans, the voice in the earpiece, says. Pissed that the male elf has her at his bidding because she can't just let someone die, she follows his instructions. They not only lead her to the tortured elf, but the killer of her father as well.
When she lets loose a powerful magic and is thrown in a dungeon with Mr. Evans, she'll have to keep control of her senses to figure her way out of a place with no doors, or windows, and damnit why wasn't she born with the elven gift of blinking magically away?


"Rue, you can call me every name in your pretty little head but it won't change anything. Afraid you're stuck with me, and your decisions will affect everything. But you're stubborn and you won't see things my way instantly. You'll need proof. I understand. But don't say I didn't warn you," he stated.
Proof of what? He was playing games with her and she wasn't in the elfing mood. He had no right to come in her home. No right to make demands on her. No right to invade every inch of her privacy. She wanted the earpiece out. Why'd she have to get all curious and put the stupid thing in to begin with? Her mother always said her curiosity would lead her to trouble one day and Rue had the dreadful sense that today was that day. "I don't know why you chose me to do whatever it is you need. Probably something horrible. But quit fucking around and remove the spell."
"You want it removed?"
"Yes." She hissed the word. Her anger bubbled inside threatening to tear her apart, mainly because she couldn't see the man attempting to control her.
"Then come and find me."

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An elfess in human form, Decadent enjoys dipping her fingers into the human realm where she took pen to paper and began the tales of the trouble with elves. Her obsessions include reading, Dean Winchester, and honey.
She will devour your soul with glimpses of the feral ridden drow elves, with their dark skin and soul consuming. She'll sneak morsels of naughty thoughts to you via goblins, and seduce you into stepping inside the elven realm where females disappear when lust takes over among other elfish troubles.
Beware the sprites.
Follow the wisps.
But never look a drow elf king in the eyes...

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