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Redemption of the Hypnotist: The Virtual Tour

Hypnotic Dreams


A demonstration of erotic hypnosis leads to two relationships, one inspiring and creative, the other abusive and destructive. 
Darren Braid was a respected psychology professor until a student accused him of trying to hypnotize her into sexual slavery. The accusation was recanted, but the university dismissed him anyway. Feeling betrayed, Darren retreated into seclusion. But the FBI believes that his exceptional skill with hypnosis and his tainted personal history make him the perfect undercover agent to infiltrate a sex slavery ring. 
Latoya Douglas works for the studio that’s fronting the slavery ring. She is a beautiful black woman and one of L.A.’s hottest rap producers. Latoya will do almost anything to support her artists. She decides to 'manage' Darren, and remake him into an evil mind-controlling genius. She becomes his lover and muse. She inspires and helps Darren produce a hypnosis program to make women eager for sex with her rappers, and she helps find women to test the program. After three years of solitude, Darren finds the relationship more inspiring and rewarding than anything he imagined. But he doesn’t know if he can trust her. Is she part of the slavery ring, or trying to find her missing sister? 

Marisa Martinez is a hotheaded young FBI agent. She asks Darren to hypnotize her to act submissive and obedient so she can get close to the slavers. But the hypnotic programming works too well. Marisa is in danger of losing herself to the submissive role and becoming a mindless sex toy. Can Darren restore her mind before she’s actually sold into sexual slavery?

Latoya filled both glasses and handed one to Darren, letting her fingers linger over his. "Music? Would you like R&B or Jazz?"

"No rock 'n roll?" he teased.

"Nope, sorry," she laughed as she swayed over to her stereo. 

Darren snapped his fingers, "Damn, nothing more romantic than Foreigner 4."

Latoya gave him a puzzled look and asked, "Urgent or Woman in Black?"

"Woman in Black, of course. But I'm surprised you know the album."

She started the music, a smooth jazz saxophone, and sauntered back towards him. "There are a lot of things you don't know about me." She stroked his face provocatively, rolled her body around, pressing her back against his chest and said, "I'm a very deep woman."

"And you'll go deeper," he chuckled.

Latoya paused briefly, her mind starting to slide into trance at the reference. But she recognized the sensation and shook it off.
She playfully slapped his cheek, "Naughty boy!" She pushed away, her butt pressing firmly against his loins. "Save that for later," strutting back to the kitchen area.

Darren followed her, enjoying the sight of her sensually swaying hips. She posed for him at the refrigerator; her stance highlighting her lovely figure. She opened the door and when she leaned in, she bent slowly at the hips, maintaining the sexy image. She straightened up holding a bag of baby carrots and a bunch of asparagus. "Just going to stand there gawking?" she playfully chided. "Or are you going to help a lady with the cooking?"

Darren backed up a little, unable to remember the last time he tried to prepare anything more fancy than a broiled steak. "I, ah, can't cook."

"You're kidding?"

Darren shrugged, "I live alone. I buy prepared meals or take-out."

"Every night? That's awful." She dumped the vegetables on the counter and pulled a large chopping knife from a drawer. "That's no way for anyone to live. Okay, wash your hands. Tonight you learn to cook."

Darren hesitated. She brandished the carving knife in his direction. "Tonight, lover," she said with a gleam in her eye," you learn to cook."

Darren set down the wine and threw up his hands. "Okay you got me. I never argue with a woman holding a sharp knife." Latoya set the knife down and laughed as he went to the sink.

What would you do if you could make anyone you wanted a hypnotized fuck bunny sex slave? Would you use your power for good or evil? 

It is an interesting premise. Hypnotizing women to do anything you wanted. Kind of kinky, really. Darren has been fired from his job as a professor for allegedly doing just that. Can he use his power for good and help in a missing person's case?

The tone of this book was straightforward but with a very definite male POV. Women were treated like mindless dolls and sometimes that left me cold. The behind the scenes angle with the investigation was strong, however and helped to make up for my first initial impressions. The journey into the music industry and the slave ring was creative and it was interesting to see how the hypnosis worked on different people. 

I have always wondered how a person could actually be taken somewhere in their mind and this book really illustrates the care that is taken by the hypnotherapist to accomplish whatever the goal is set. Very interesting. I am voting for the diet hypnosis and exercise motivation myself!

If you like stories that stretch your boundaries and are a fan of mind games, then this story might interest you. 



My name is Daniel, though I use the name Hypnotic Dreams as my 'brand' and my pseudonym. I hold a BS in Engineering and an MS in Technical Communication. I worked as a contract technical writer for 17 years, which gave me a broad range of experiences in several different industries.

 I began studying hypnosis in the 1990s and joined the online erotic hypnosis community in 1998. <i>Redemption for the Hypnotist</i> is my first full-length novel. I also have produced 19 hypnosis MP3s, which are available on my web site.



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  2. Hi Erzabet,

    Thanks for the review. I'm glad that you disliked the way Lamar and Tony treated women. One of my goals for writing this book was to contrast healthy and unhealthy ways in which hypnosis could be used in a relationship. That's why Darren and Latoya's relationship is so completely different than Tony and Marisa's. Tony treats Marisa like a piece of meat, and it jeopardizes Marisa's mental health. Darren and Latoya develop a healthy respect for each other, and their relationship becomes mutually supportive.

    The fact that this "left you cold" means I did a good job of portraying just how negative their relationship was.



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