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A Visit With Red Phoenix: The Fan Questions

Red Phoenix Fans Ask The Burning Questions You Want to Know...

Fans of Red Phoenix were given free reign to ask questions. 
Interested in the results of their curiosity? Read on…

Rachel Ragens Donald: What has been your favorite scene ever from the Brie series?

~ Red: As much as you are not going to like my answer, my favorite scene is in Brie#9, Brie Bows to Her Master (coming soon). Heart melting, loin tingling yumminess.

Marla Thalassinou: Where or when do you get inspired for your stories, and a specific example would be very much appreciated.

~ Red: My inspiration comes from personal experiences, circumstances, and wild ass hairs. A specific example would be Blissfully Snowbound. The story was inspired by a timely snowstorm and a longtime musing of what would happen if you were stuck in a cabin with a man who had a severe crush on you.

Lale Gul: Is any of the Brie series based on your own experiences, if so can you give some examples?

~ Red: My husband has asked me to keep our sexual life private. Although I am allowed to bring my experiences into my fictional writing, specifics of my life shall remain classified. ;)
FYI - I experience as much as I can, but if I haven’t done it myself I find out why women like it and what it feels like.

Marilyn Ferguson: Why did you choose the bdsm lifestyle to write about, is it because it is sooooo forbidden?

~ Red: I write a variety of different erotica genre from BDSM, paranormal, to contemporary romance. Brie happens to be my most popular series and certainly is a topic I enjoy writing about. (I am a natural submissive who didn’t realize the joy it could bring until later in life.)

Diane Barr: What fascinates me, how did you choose the BDSM lifestyle?

~ Red: It was a slow journey. An awakening into my true desires.

Tracy Baker: Are you a Mistress or sub in r/l or a switch??

~ Red: A submissive all the way. Nothing makes this little chick happier than to let go of inhibitions and please my lover.

Brandi Rohr-Sandlin: Does the person that Tono is based off know you have so many fans dreaming of him?

~ Red: I am in contact with him. Unless I have his permission, his identity will remain secret.

Karen Hight Keresztes: Are you going to write a new series? How long are you going to continue the Brie series?

~ Red: I do have an exciting new series coming that centers on one delectable Dom – Just wait, you are going to love it! I will also be continuing Brie’s journey next year (2013) as she learns how to love and serve her new Master.

Pic Description: Official Crest of the Submissive Training Center: "Respect, Obey, Submit". Created by Nicole Delfs

Brie #8

The 5th week of submissive training proves challenging as Brie surrenders her will. She enjoys the thrill of objectification and the excitement of completing erotic tasks. With the end of the course around the corner, the trainers encourage Brie to dig deep. Marquis presents her with a scene she ended in the past, Tono displays the art of suspension, and Faelan releases Brie’s inner animal.

This bewitching novelette will wet your appetite for objectification, tease you with a little rope action, and have you panting for melted chocolate.

Extended Description:

The girls are quickly coming to the end of their submissive course, which means their trainers are becoming increasingly demanding. The pressure begins to tear at their friendship, but Brie is a determined little sub. She bravely faces Marquis’ challenging scene, revels in the joy of suspension with Tono, receives vindication from Master Coen, and learns a thing or two about respect from Ms. Clark. Brie’s attempt to bring her friends back together ends up getting them all in trouble, but the punishment draws Brie closer to the Dom who decreed it.

Stay tuned for the review and a fun vote on your favorite Dom. 

Also make sure you check out Red's new website due to be up any day now! The header is gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today Red! I am finally getting a day off to read the amazing Brie #8 tomorrow! Brie #9 should be out by early October.


  1. I'm anxiously awaiting Brie #9 to see who she chooses. I'm looking forward to your new series too Red...I always love to meet new Doms :)

  2. Thank you for being so honest and introducing some of us to a new and amazing world that lets us explore without feeling naughty or bad.

  3. Thank you for very entertaining books & all of the friends I have met thanks to you! Cannot wait for #9!

  4. Very interesting Q&A. You sound so natural as Mistress Red I thought you might be a switch. Thanks for some of the answers. Still had to tease us about favorite Brie scene. How convenient it from the book we can't get our hot little hands on yet. Please ask real Tono for permission to reveal who he is. Doesn't he need volunteers for display or as models. ??? I know they'd be willing to pay for the honor. Thank you for all your works so far ... where you go I/we will follow. <3

  5. Thanks Lady Red for Brie and her adventures in training. Her continued story with her Master will be excellent. To see how the dynamic changes when it is one on one and long term. I hope the Dom with his own story is either Master Anderson or Faelan. Both of them are intriguing and each has an exciting future ahead of them but for different reasons.


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