Friday, September 14, 2012

Legally Binding

Legally Binding (Tall, Dark and Dominant, #3)

Book 3 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series. Kat Cartwell is a lawyer on vacation. She wants nothing more than to simply lie in the sun and catch up on her law journals, but the handsome and mysterious Julian Morrell has other plans when he introduces himself on the beach. A seasoned sexual dominant, he senses in the coy litigator a true submissive heart. After he manages to invite himself to her dinner table, sparks fly and their strong personalities collide. Kat is intrigued despite her initial resistance. By the end of the night she's agreed to take a chance. He promises her a once-in-a-lifetime experience as his slave, but what happens in the morning when both of them want more? Kat makes a quick getaway but Julian is not about to give up on a chance for a more serious relationship. All bets are off when he shows up at her firm, meeting with her bosses and putting her on a huge retainer. Now he has control of her again. The question is whether or not that will carry over into the bedroom.

When Kat encounters a man on the beach that presses all her buttons-sometimes the wrong way, she begins to wonder about her natural tendencies as a dominant woman in the courtroom. Could she be a submissive in the bedroom? Reese Gabriel never fails to cast a seductive scene and this third book in the series has two diametrically opposed characters each vying for control. The difference is, will Kat let Julian take it? 

Julian is looking for someone to connect with. Not just sex and Kat is refreshing to him. Tackling all of her walls, he uses several spicy BDSM techniques to have her panting at his feet. Very nice. There is a lot of undercurrent beneath Kat's lovely face and it is up to Julian to try to find the inner sub and set her free.

Nice story with some sexy BDSM elements.


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