Monday, September 21, 2015

Hardcore by Jenika Snow

The Bleeding Mayhem MC, where blood, violence, and being a badass alpha reign supreme. 

Claire left the Bleeding Mayhem MC two years ago after a Patch named Big broke her heart. But her brother, Mayhem, and the MC are all she has, and she knows she’s going to need the club’s protection after what she’s gotten herself into. 

Big, who got his nickname because of the equipment he’s sporting between his legs, has never forgotten Claire, the woman he at one time had as his number one, so when she shows up at the club, he knows it’ll be hard to keep the past where it belongs. But Big still wants her in a bad way, and has no self-control when it comes to Claire. 

Big takes it upon himself to handle Claire’s problem the only way he knows how—with violence. No way is he going to let her run from him again. She’ll be his in every way, no matter what.

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The floor was cold and hard beneath her hands and knees, but she liked the discomfort, craved it because it gave her pleasure in the end. Big looked dangerous and dark, menacing and powerful. She thought about what he liked, how he liked spanking her, tying her up, giving her bruises because she screamed for more.
When she was right in front of him, she looked up at his face. He had a stoic expression, but his eyes told her how much he was turned on.
“Sit back for me.”
She did what he said, her pulse beating so fast she felt dizzy.
He started undoing his belt, pulling it out slowly through the loops until the leather was free. He set it on the bed and started undoing the button and zipper of his pants. He grabbed his cock out of the fly of his jeans, his gaze on her, his expression hard. Every part of Big was hard, physically and mentally. He was just a very intense man, one that didn’t back down, that took what he wanted, and never apologized.
He started stroking himself up and down slowly, from root to tip, his chest rising and falling as his breathing picked up. He liked her watching him jerk off, liked her being the voyeur while he was the exhibitionist. Her mouth dried, her pussy clenched and became wetter, and her clit throbbed in time with her pulse.
“You like being on your hands and knees crawling to me, doing what I say,” he said without any emotion in his voice.
“You know I like doing what you say.” It got her off, because even if it seemed like she wasn’t in control, the fact was she held a hell of a lot of power right now.
“You’re mine, Claire, my little Painslut, my woman, my everything.”
These were things he used to say to her before she left, things that were always said in the heat of the moment, but never when they weren’t fucking. Of course she knew he cared about her, but she never felt that it would go any further, that he’d want any more than what they were doing.
She looked at his dick as he stroked himself from base to tip, and her pussy clenched painfully hard at his size. Big was a large man all around, and his cock was no different. That’s the reason he got his nickname, because what he sported between his thighs was nothing short of monstrous.
“You like looking at it, Claire?”
She nodded, not moving her gaze from his dick.
“Stop staring at it and suck my cock, suck it like you’re starving for it.” He was hard and unyielding in his command, and she shivered in response

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