Thursday, March 19, 2015

Red Moon Romance Submission Call: Covalent Bonds


Alpena, MI (March 18, 2015) – Red Moon Romance (Eileen Wiedbrauk, Editor-in-Chief) has announced Covalent Bonds, a geeky romance anthology edited by Trysh Thompson, is open to submissions through December 15, 2015.
Think about your typical romance story and the characters in them. Now throw those character molds out the window. Hit us with your best geeky shot—sci-fi geeks, physics geeks, tech geeks, gamer geeks, band geeks, and everything in between—and tell the tale of their romance. Is your protagonist obsessed with Batman and he falls for someone dressed as Cat-Woman at ComicCon? Or is it the quiet computer programmer who slips secret love messages to her co-worker into her code? Your possibilities are virtually endless.
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Trysh Thompson is a technical writer by day and by night, she’s a superhero who goes by the name “Mom.” In the past, she was a journalist and a movie critic for a small paper (yes, Virginia, they do still exist). For fun, she watches anything with Gordon Ramsay, writes, reads, and tries desperately to sing (alas, the tone-deaf fairy visited her early in life). A die-hard Kentucky Wildcats basketball fan, careful what you say around her in March.

Red Moon believes in sexy romance. We believe reading should be fun. We believe that at their core, romances are relationship stories, and that erotic romances are relationship stories with orgasms in them, not stories about orgasms. We believe our readers deserve whatever fiction incites their passions. We believe that a woman should never be judged or shamed for what she reads. We believe in giving a woman what she wants. Hot romance, it's what we do.

World Weaver Press is a publisher of fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction, dedicated to producing quality works. We believe in great storytelling.

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