Thursday, June 15, 2017

Decadence by Lynnette Brisa

DECADENCE by Lynnette Brisia is LIVE!!
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Decadence by Lynnette Brisia 
Genre: Romantic Suspense

It's Seth Ryan's birthday. 

Perfect reason for a guy's night out.

Even better reason to head to the strip club. 

Only something isn't quite right with the new club, Decadence. It's popularity and staff are unmatched anywhere. And the private dances? You've never experienced anything so erotic.

But who is that girl with the vine tattoos and why can't Seth get her out of his head? 

What starts as intrigue quickly turns to obsession. And that obsession turns to a nightmare no one could have ever imagined as secrets are uncovered. 

Seth soon discovers he's not the only one obsessed. Especially when the owner of Decadence decides he has plans for Seth. Plans that involve a red room and a certain new starlet with vine tattoos. 

If Seth's not careful, Decadence just may end up being his downfall.

All patrons are welcome. But if they're not careful, Decadence just may be the last place they ever visit....

This was a book that kept me turning the pages. Some scenes had a dark quality to them that will appeal if you are a fan of edgier work. An entertaining read.
4/5 stars


A native of the Southwestern United States, Lynnette Brisia has an avid love of travelling and history. Besides writing, she loves reading, listening to music and painting. She is a collector of tattoos and enjoy stories that can break your heart while giving you a happy ending.


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