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Say My Name

1. How did you start writing erotic romance? I began by writing MF and after two books, decided to put it aside and begin writing my true passion, MM romance. I’ve always loved heroes, have been in love with them forever, and I felt that I could definitely give men their own love stories. What is better than one passionate and sensual hero? Two!

2. Plotter or pantster? I am a bit of a hybrid these days. I have written and published over 40 books so my writing style and process has changed over the years. In the beginning, I used a scene by scene outline, so detailed that for an 80K word novel, I’d have a 5K outline and I would try to stick to it religiously. These days, I write an outline but it is a lot looser. I write down (for example) ten chapter topics and then a “thought” for each chapter. After that, I write the chapter and let the characters flesh themselves out in it which in my book is panster(ing) enough for a person as OCD as I am. LOL

3. What are three things you have on your writing desk? My coffee, my water, and my phone.

4. Favorite food? Either Thai or Indian (I like highly spiced and exotic)

5. Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you? “Say my Name” is a Beauty and the Beast/Phantom of the Opera story. I have one character (Cole) who is severely disfigured and bears scars inside and outside from his years in the war. The other character (Dawson) is perfect, and pretty, and everything Cole sees as his opposite. I love stark differences between characters and these two MCs really fill the bill. One is beautiful, one is ugly (if even in his own mind), one is older, one is younger, one is optimistic, one is jaded and forlorn. That’s what makes for a great love story. Bringing two opposites together and helping them to discover their common ground.
Cole (my scarred beast) is a great hero. He’s tragic, having been injured on an Afghani battleground, terribly scarred, and left with a barely functional voice box. When he speaks, he can barely be understood so he has sequestered himself away from the rest of the world watching the goings on in his BDSM club from a wall of windows in his apartment above. What can be more tragic than a man who can barely live with his own demons and has no contact with the outside world? When Cole finally finds the beautiful man of his dreams in the club below, is he going to be the brave man he once was and claim his beauty or continue to hide away forever? He was a great character to write because he was clear as day in my mind.

6. I write because ____... The stories are inside me and they must come out. Bwahahaha!

7. What is your favorite type of character to write about? Heroic, without exception. I have written military men including Special Ops guys, SEALS, Marines, and Army Rangers. I’ve also written Doms and subs, two unusual types of heroes who know who they are deep inside. They love power play, each in their own ways, one with a need to control, and the other with a need to give it up.  I’ve written cowboys, bikers, assassins, drag queens, cops, firemen, construction workers, Native Americans, and supermodels. My cast of characters look like a Village People video but so much more. LOL

8. What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote? Wow, that’s a really hard question. With 40+ books and well over 200 sex scenes, it’s always a challenge coming up with something new. I wrote a scene in “Stix” which comes to mind. A Dom is sitting with his submissive and they are watching a BDSM playroom scene happening in another room from behind a glass barrier. When the Dom orders his sub to begin masturbating for the Dom’s pleasure while the sub watches what’s going on behind the glass, the scene really heats up. The next thing you know, the Dom is so turned on, he drops to the floor and services his submissive to a shattering end. Then he gets to his feet and drags him off to a bed where he has the submissive do all sorts of naughty things to him. That scene gets me every time.

9. What advice would you give new authors in the erotica/romance field? 1) You have a lot of competition so you need to be really committed to what you’re doing or you’ll begin second guessing yourself. 2) You will get better with practice so write as much as you can and above all else, stick with it. You’ll face rejection, sometimes even from yourself, but you have to keep going… just keep doing what you love and you will be fine. Be patient. No one (probably) is going to accept you the moment you send them your masterpiece. Sometimes you might get rejected more than once. In my case, I had a hell of a lot of publishers turn me down before someone finally took a chance on me.

10. What is next on your writerly horizon? I am finishing up “The Brat” the third installment in my Marine Bodyguards series. It is a really fun romp about a spoiled rich kid and a tough-as-nails Marine who is responsible to keep him safe. After that, another book in the Bound by Love series (Say my Name is book 1) will be coming up. It is called “I Dare You”.

Say my Name
Patricia Logan
Book one of the “Bound by Love” series
  MM Erotic Romance. Book contains sexually explicit BDSM scenes and strong language

Author Bio:
International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family. When she’s not writing her next thriller romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day. One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she types. Married to a wonderful gentleman for 30 years, she counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.
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Dawson Thomas is a rent boy, a young man who goes out hoping to impress a man who’ll pay him to be a submissive for a kinky night together. One night he accompanies a friend to a BDSM club in New York. Raw Hide is a place where men gather to live out their fantasies and Dawson can’t believe his good luck when the owner invites him upstairs to be paid for a night of kink. When others whisper that the man is hideously deformed, calling him “The Monster”, Dawson remembers the cost of his tuition and puts aside his fears, accompanying the bodyguard to the man’s apartment.
Each night, Cole Chambliss paces in his rooms above Raw Hide, watching beautiful submissives give themselves to their Doms, just a few steps down the stairs. Cole longs for days past when he could go out in public… when no one would stare at him in horror. After paying a bitter price when fighting for his country, Cole knows his days of walking among whole men are gone forever... that is until one night he takes a risk that terrifies him. The stunning submissive who’s caught his eye is something extraordinary and Cole decides he must chance everything for one last shot at happiness.
One dark night, one desperate risk, and one horrifying request later, Cole hears the words he’s feared since his return from the war. “Say my name, Sir… please just… say my name…”
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Excerpt 1:
“Good match you made, boss,” Bull said, walking up to the desk where Cole stood.
Cole sat down heavily, looking up at his huge bodyguard. “I don’t want Zander touching him again and he’s not allowed in the pit,” he hissed. His voice was even more hideous and ragged than usual.
“What? Who? Zander?” Bull asked, perplexed. “You don’t want Zander in the pit again but boss, you said…”
“Dawson, you idiot!” Cole shouted.
“But, Cole, you said you wanted Dawson to play with Zander. I explained to him that you just wanted him to take an interest in the submissive the way you asked me to. I told him you didn’t want to see him hooking up with the wrong Dom and that you wanted to see him be a friend to Dawson.”
Cole nodded, feeling a hard rock in the pit of his stomach. “And, did you tell Zander I’d cover Dawson’s fees?”
“Yeah, boss. Besides, their scene was brilliant. Listen to that applause. You haven’t changed your mind, have you Cole?”
Cole cursed the fact that he hadn’t turned off the speaker as the crowd went crazy for them. He squeezed his eyes shut and laid his head back on the leather headrest on his chair. His brain felt like it would split in two from agony and his stomach was twisting with nausea from just having seen Dawson given pleasure by the other dominant. It was killing him. He opened his eyes and looked miserably over at Bull.
“Just… just tell Zander he’s not to touch the boy again, okay?”
“Sure, boss. Anything you say.” Bull turned to walk away but seemed think better of it as he stopped himself in his tracks and spun back around. “You know, Cole, it wouldn’t be so bad if you told the boy you loved him. I know he’s crazy about you too. You’re just too prideful to see it.”
Fucking bloody friends! Who needs you? “You think I’m proud of these scars? I curse them every day!” He stood so fast, the desk chair spun behind him.
“Oh, I didn’t realize Dawson had seen you,” Bull said. He walked back up to Cole’s desk. “I thought you’d blindfolded him and he’d gotten to know you on the inside.” He pointed at Cole’s chest.
Cole’s mouth dropped open. I have! Cole was suddenly pissed all over again as Bull stood there staring at him smugly. He knew damned well what Bull was trying to imply… that somehow Dawson had fallen in love with Cole in spite of never seeing him, meaning the only way he’d ever learned anything about Cole was by the way he perceived him to be on the inside. Cole had to admit, it was an intelligent argument and one he had dismissed until his friend had mentioned it. He’d never thought it was possible that a man like Dawson could fall in love with him and it bugged him to no end that Bull could read him so easily.
He’d lost all his confidence on a battlefield in Afghanistan. But, Cole had seen the emotions in Dawson as he’d sent him away… the way he’d apologized and sobbed, thinking he had done something wrong, had displeased him in some manner. How selfish you’ve been. You toyed with that sweet submissive, made him fall in love with you, and then cast him off, pushing him into someone else’s arms. You stupid man. He stared at Bull for a few seconds, finally sitting back down in his chair, squeezing his eyes shut in shame, and leaning his head back as he realized what a complete ass he’d been to both Dawson and to Zander. Cole had stayed up in his perch of power and played with the hearts and minds of both men and he despised himself for it. He looked up at Bull who hovered over his desk, looking angry.
“I’ve been a horrible idiot and I’ve treated them both badly.” He hated the way emotions seemed to thicken his already ruined voice.
“You know, Cole. Zander’s a big boy. He’ll get over it in a heartbeat if you were to tell him that you made a mistake and wanted Dawson,” Bull said, his voice quiet.
“But, Dawson—”
“Dawson’s a whole other thing, Cole. I think you know that.”
“He’s in love with me? How is that possible?” Cole was flabbergasted that it could be possible.
“You’re in love with him, that’s evident,” Bull said, “Why is it such a far stretch for you to believe he could love you back?”
“I think that’s obvious,” Cole snapped. His stomach was churning as he stared at Bull.
“You know, for an intelligent man, Cole, sometimes, you cannot see past the nose on your own face. Even without the use of his vision, Dawson saw the man I know you are. He saw a compassionate man who has so much to offer the world.”
Cole blew out a long breath as he frowned. “He would be wrong. Those days are over.”
“Then if you truly believe that about yourself, you’re not the man I once knew,” Bull accused. His face was terrifying at the moment and Cole realized must look like his warrior ancestors at their most fierce. “You’ve closed yourself off from the world for four years, refusing to show yourself to anyone. So what if you have scars or a voice you hate. You are a man I’ve always been proud to call friend… and a fantastic Dom,” he said. Cole was surprised how worked up he seemed to be getting. “Besides that, you’re the only one I could trust myself to come out to, Cole. No one in my family would accept me as I was. You rescued me, Cole. I know your heart. Are you too proud to take a chance on that submissive? If you are, I quit.” He turned away and began to walk toward the door to the apartment as Cole shot out of his chair and ran around the desk.
“What are you saying, Bull? You quit?” His voice rumbled with emotion.
Bull stopped in his tracks and turned. The fury written on his best friend’s face was terrifying in its intensity. “Yeah, you heard me. I’m tired of your whining. Get out and live, Cole… or die here alone. Those are your choices. If you can’t see the man you really are, it’s you who’s wearing the blindfold, you stupid dick.”
Without another word, he stomped out of the apartment, slamming the door behind himself. Cole stared at the door for a few seconds trying his best to comprehend what had happened in the last few minutes. He turned and walked back to the windows where he stared out at the club teeming with every kind of life… a life he’d given up on long before.

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