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Totally Five Star:The King of Infierno

My Totally Five Star Hotel — Madrid

An important aspect of The King of Infierno, is of course the location and the hotel!

Madrid unfortunately is often overlooked as a city to visit in Europe. It’s not famous for its romance like Paris, or its historical ruins like Rome, or its medieval history like London. Instead, Madrid has a unique charm and atmosphere that casts it own exceptional net over visitors to its pretty streets.

I chose Madrid for the location of my hotel for two reasons — first, it’s a lovely city, full of vibrant nightlife and fabulous shopping districts and secondly, I currently live in Madrid so I find inspiration all around me.

I did take some creative ideas from Madrid’s royal palace. I toured the palace recently. It’s a beautiful building, inside and out and colossal, comprising over 3,000 rooms! When I strolled through the palatial chambers I actually started to feel a little like a princess myself. Shivers rippled through me as I gazed in awe at the splendour and I immediately thought to myself — this is what my heroine should experience, this is what Makayla needs to feel! In The King of Infierno my Totally Five Star hotel used to be a palace, owned by a member of the Spanish nobility. Like the Royal Palace, its décor follows a rococo theme of elegant opulence and understated grandeur.

The hotel overlooks Parque de El Retiro, which is a huge park, located in the centre of Madrid. One of my favourite things to do is wander down its many paths and admire the beautiful statues and sculpted hedges. It provides a lovely backdrop to the hotel and would offer stunning views of its immaculately groomed grounds from Donovan’s suite.

For Makayla, the hotel was an extraordinary sight! Never had she experienced such amazing splendour. She gazed around her in wonder as she analysed each spectacular detail. She was in awe and her excitement when she first sees the grand structure is palpable.

Excerpt from The King of Infierno:

The limousine pulled to a stop in front of a very impressive-looking building.
“It looks like a palace,” Makayla breathed in awe. “It’s beautiful.”
Donovan smiled. “It did use to be a palace. You will see lots of noble features reminiscent of its royal heritage.”
She stepped from the car and gazed around. Large, ornate pillars and two marble lions framed the grand double entrance doors inlaid with beveled glass. Petunias flowed in colorful abundance from the numerous window boxes, their unusual scent making Makayla instantly reminisce about summers past. Even the fierce little gargoyles perched in varying degrees across the edifice provided a charming addition. A doorman, in full livery, guarded the entry, opening doors and hailing taxis. A pristine red carpet covered the steps, lending a celebrity-like status to guests and leading them into the opulent lobby.
“Come.” Donovan took her arm and led her into the hotel. Instead of a front check-in desk, he guided her to a lounge suite upholstered in a rich floral satin.
“Mr. King, welcome back,” a tall, attractive gentleman in a crisp suit greeted Donovan enthusiastically. “Please, help yourself to some refreshments.” He motioned to a tray with tea, juice and pastries on the table in front of them.
“Thank you, Fernando. I’m happy to be back.” Donovan turned to Makayla. “May I introduce Miss Makayla Carrington? She’ll be staying with me. Makayla, this is Señor Fernando Martínez, the manager here.”
Fernando bowed slightly and took her hand. “Encantado, señorita. Welcome to the Totally Five Star. I’m the manager here, so please let me know if anything is not to your liking.”
“Thank you. But I’m sure everything will be perfect.”
Fernando turned to Donovan. “Your usual suite is ready, Mr. King. I just need to finalize some details with you.”

The new addition to the bestselling Totally Five Star series.

The King always gets what he wants—and he wants Makayla.
Makayla Carrington is innocent and inexperienced…until she meets Donovan King. When the King decides that he wants Makayla, he whisks her away to the Totally Five Star Hotel in Madrid, and he’ll do anything to protect her from his clandestine BDSM activities.
All too soon, Makayla discovers Donovan’s secret, then Makayla decides that she wants something too—to be Donovan’s submissive.
A rivalry arises when an ex of Donovan’s decides that she wants him back and the woman will stop at nothing to fulfill her aim. But Donovan will do anything to protect his relationship with Makayla, and time is of the essence if he wants to keep her.
Reader Advisory: This book inclues scenes of anal play.

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About Jasmine Hill:
Jasmine was born in Australia and grew up in Sydney. She currently lives in Madrid, Spain with her husband.
She adores reading all genres but in particular she enjoys erotic romance novels and thrillers.
Jasmine loves writing and is always looking for new ideas for stories that will provoke inner passions, stimulate the senses and ignite the imagination.
Her interests include cooking, traveling, yoga and skiing.
She has won some short story competitions and is now excited to have started publishing her erotic romance stories through Totally Bound Publishing.

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