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Do You Hear What I Hear?

In a recent interview I was asked which five songs I would choose as a soundtrack to my new release Photograph. They had no idea what they had unleashed.

I don’t always have songs in mind, I admit, but on longer stories I generally do. In fact, there have been times when I’ve wanted to release a CD or MP3 file with each novel. “Okay, when you reach chapter 5, play track 3. When they reach the bedroom, play track 7.” Well, when in your head you’ve set a threesome scene to Basement Jaxx’s “Get Me Off”, you want people to know about it.

Music inspires me, and very often specific songs will strike a chord – they’ll suit the mood of a particular scene, or of a character’s feelings, or the theme of the story. Sometimes I imagine each character having a certain song playing the first time they enter. An arrogant alpha male might have “Sexy And I Know It” (or, if I’m in a comic mood, “I’m Too Sexy”). The heroine might have “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World”, if she’s lucky. Or sometimes a song will simply work as a backdrop. I never know what will end up sticking in my head.

So, as far as Photograph goes, here are the ones I would choose.

“Photograph” by Def Leppard – because it inspired the title, as it’s from the POV of a man pining after an unattainable celebrity.
“Apple Eyes” by Swoop – which was always in the background during the opening scene where Azure is approaching the yacht on the tender.
 “Be Mine!” by Robyn – a nicely yearning track for Tara’s musings about Liam.
“What Can I Do” by the Corrs – equally applied to Tara about Liam and also Ryan about Tara.
And “Break Me Shake Me” by Savage Garden – because I imagined it playing over the first sex scene between Tara and Ryan.

So for now I’ll just have to leave it to everyone’s individual imagination. But if we ever start releasing musical books, I’ll be right in there.

Blurb for Photograph:

She wanted him. Her sister married him.

Tara Thornton hasn’t spoken to her sister in two years, ever since Azure married the man of Tara’s dreams. Tired of the rift, Azure invites her to take a Mediterranean cruise on a friend’s yacht and, bowing to family pressure, Tara accepts.

Forced to be in close proximity with the man she still desires, Tara is thrown into confusion. The presence of celebrity theme park owner Liam Wilder and the reality of his marriage to Azure send Tara into a tailspin and, in an attempt to regain control, she responds to the advances of hot fellow guest Ryan Hyde, while determined to feel no affection for him.

But Ryan has a way of getting under her skin, and Tara’s plan to get closer to Liam is rapidly losing its importance as Ryan begins to break down her defences. Can she let go of Liam, let Ryan into her heart…and tell Azure the real reason for her silence?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of spanking and light BDSM.

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