Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Entwined Surrender: The Review

Kate Sorentella loves everything about her fiance Barry...everything, that is, except their lackluster, unimaginative sex life. 

After a few too many unfulfilling nights, Kate can’t help but fantasize about her own version of neighborly relations with Jack, the sizzling hot guy next door. 

But when her husband-to-be leaves on yet another business trip, Kate learns that boring Barry has been keeping a few kinky secrets. Shocked, confused--and aroused--Kate delves into the erotic world of BDSM. Will her illicit discovery mean better times in bed with Barry or will it drive her into Jack’s arms? In this third installment of the Entwined series, Kate might do both, and then some.

Through provocative BDSM, voyeurism, online play and same-sex/multiple partnerships, readers can whet their appetite with one, two or all four of Kate’s erotic fantasies. Dive in and experience the desire, heat and awakening that comes with surrender.

The series is supported by a robust, interactive community site (www.entwinederotica.com) which includes elements of fan fiction, contests, and voting. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead. Choose your own happy ending, and get Entwined. Again. And again.


Release date: February 13, 2014


Choose your own adventure stories are somewhat of a passion of mine and I have enjoyed them since I was a child. In this case, the adventure is of the very adult kind. Kate and Barry are an engaged couple and you get to choose the adventure they are about to embark upon. You have four choices to pick from. In doing so, you have a novella sized length that is very agreeable to busy women who want what they want when they want it.

My choice was the story from Lori Perkins where Kate finds out Barry has a bit of a secret online life without her. To put it bluntly, Kate is pissed. How dare he step out in a chat room? Digging deeper, she finds out enough to send her to a BDSM shop and signs herself up for a class on becoming a Domme. It moves very fast at this point and could have been a bit more developed, but the scenario was a whole lot of fun and I embraced it. Getting her goody bag together, she goes home and waits for Barry, enlisting the help of her uber sexy next door neighbor.

I liked Kate but Barry was a weak character that didn't inspire me at all. I like Femme dom stories, but in this case I wanted her to just give him a butt whipping and take up with the sexy neighbor. Barry. Blech. Did not do it for me. Jack had it going on and I was disappointed that they didn't end up together in this particular scenario.

One other scenario I toyed with was Kate finding out about Barry's secret and him becoming the Dom. Nope. It didn't feel right to me and I didn't even want to read further.

In a nutshell, I like the erotic premise but wanted more of a manly man from Berry. Kate was great but Barry needed to be a more likable or at least a magnetic character that inspired something other than irritation.

This is a great series and I hope to see it grow. Choose your own adventures are a whole lot of fun and I love that you can choose what is going to happen. Especially when the woman is holding the power.


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