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Magic and Sex: A Visit With Gianna Simone

Magic and Sex

Those are two things everyone likes, right? But putting them together can be so deliciously decadent, resistance is impossible. Throw in some kink and to me, that's like having your cake and eating it too! There's a reason my tagline is "Magically Kinky!

Anyway, when I set out to write the Bayou Magiste Chronicles, I knew the basic plots, at least for the first two, and I knew I wanted it to be heavily BDSM-themed. I write I like to read, and more than one of my favorite genres came into play – magic, BDSM and romance. In Book 1, Claimed by the Devil, Devlin and Helene share a past that had them on opposing sides – of society, a magical war and certainly wealth. But of course, opposites attract, right? Even if the attraction is kept secret. Fast forward 18 years, and long-buried fantasies once again rise to the fore and voila! Of course, Devlin employs underhanded techniques to lure Helene to his bed, since she would never trust him enough to go with him willingly – at first.

So here I was with these two characters, both magical – of the Magiste culture – and they were about to get down to some kinky play. There are a lot of different ways to play in the BDSM world. I didn't want some of the expected and standard constraints we see in the lifestyle, and books portraying the lifestyle, to come into this too heavily, though. In order for Devlin to make Helene's fantasies come true, he had to break what we usually consider standard protocol. Since these books are fantasy, the boundaries were more flexible. Helene is rendered helpless by Devlin's magic, and he invokes an ancient ritual to claim her as well. He's promised to give her everything she ever dreamed about, and more, but she will need some convincing.

Book 1 is where I introduced the magical sex toys that appear throughout the series. Most everyone knows about cuffs and ropes, nipple clamps, butt plugs and vibrators. There are so many varieties to choose from, for every taste and tolerance level, yet sometimes putting them into play can slow things down, even under the expert use by the people involved who can wield them in various ways to enrich both theirs and their partner's enjoyment during a scene. Still, I wanted more, so let my mind run wild with ways to enhance the toys my characters use.

Cuffs, for example, can be magically programmed for various things. What could be simpler than a whispered word, or short spell to activate the cuffs, therefore immobilizing the wearer in any position the dominant partner prefers? Although in Claimed by the Mage, Aidan Marchand doesn't even have to use cuffs. His magic is so powerful, he can simply will Lily Prentiss into bondage.

I really had fun with the nipple clamps. We have alligator and butterfly clamps, but what about clamps shaped like real animals, or mythical creatures? Aidan uses dragon clamps with Lily, and in Claimed by the Enchanter, Cameron has a set of lions he likes for Regine. Again, a softly-whispered spell can bring them to "life." No batteries required. They usually have teeth though, so look out!

There are other ways I employed magic in these scenes – potions, much like some of the oils we use in our mere mortal lives, are enhanced with spells to make them more potent, or have alternative affects. Making them can be as erotic as using them. Any potions brewed specifically for the couple require not only blood, but sexual fluids as well. Gathering the ingredients is so much fun! lol

I also put one more little item into play, particularly in the first book. Tattoos. Devlin tattoos Helene, with a pair of snakes at her groin. They are a symbol of his possession of her, but there's a bit more to them as well. Since they're applied with magic, Devlin can manipulate them – they move! And considering their position…

I'm getting set to write the next book in the series, and it's going to go back in time a bit. That ancient ritual I mentioned earlier will definitely be part of it. In fact, some of the spells mentioned in the first three books will be seen in use, or being created. And while people used all sorts of sex toys in the past, with magic at my disposal, who knows what could happen?

About the author:

I'm a born and bred Jersey Girl, with Brooklyn roots, though I promise I am nothing like some of those you might see plastered everywhere as if they have any idea what it really means to be from Jersey. :D Getting lost in other worlds and creating fun (or maybe not so fun, from their perspectives) situations for my characters is something I've done since I was very young. I'm a huge fan of villains, or anti-heroes, as I like to call them. Some of the sexiest ones in various fandoms have inspired my books' heroes! I'm a lover of all things Highlander, Harry Potter, Charmed, DragonBall Z (all of which have some of the sexiest anti-heroes!), and, of course, scorching romance fiction.

Claimed by the Enchanter (Magiste Bayou Chronicles 3) – August 2013
Claimed by the Devil (Magiste Bayou Chronicles 1) – August 2013
Claimed by the Mage (Magiste Bayou Chronicles 2)– September 2013
Warrior’s Wrath – Coming 2014
Prince of the Universe - May 2012
Warrior's Vengeance - June 2012
Bound for Love Anthology: Fantasy Unbound - February 2012
Twitter: @Gianna_Simone

w/a Gina Rosavin
The Taste of Magic - September 2011
The Night Club - Coming soon

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