Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Managing Macy

Managing Macy (Tall, Dark and Dominant #1)

Book 1 in the Tall, Dark and Dominant series. Macy wants sexy Jarit Colson in the worst way. Too bad she has a dating code forbidding across-the-hall hook-ups. But her dating rules are shot after one look at his lean, sexy, athletic body. Jarit is cautious for a different reason. He's a sexual Dominant and he's not sure the sweet, submissive vibes Macy is giving off are the real thing. Jarit decides to test the waters. Kisses quickly turn to talk of ropes and cuffs and spanking. Macy is intrigued and they try a little bondage. She is easily seduced but scared by how much she likes it. She ends up with buyer's remorse and begs off. Jarit isn't satisfied with just a taste. He knows exactly what he wants-a whole lot more of Macy.

This short novel was a lot of fun. When a half naked and very sexy neighbor shows up at Macy's door, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for. The thing that frustrated me about this book was the "I want him and then I don't" aspect of it. I like a woman who knows her own mind, even if she has a little problem with willpower. (If I had a sexy neighbor like Jarit and I was single, there would be no question about how that would go. Just sayin.)

When the story ramps up from a wet towel to a full on frontal smut attack. Awesome. I love the way the author builds the sexual tension and as Macy ticks down each rule she is breaking by stepping over the boundaries with Jarit, she does not care. Then things really take a turn for the interesting. Jarit is a dominant and Macy is in for the ride of her life. If only she would make up her danged mind so we could get on with enjoying it. *sigh*

After waffling around, Macy and Jarit get together and have a kinky little coming to BDSM meeting and she finally sees that inside her soul is a natural submissive just waiting to come out. The sex scenes were good and the ending kind of reminded me of something you see in an adult film, but overall I liked the story. (I secretly hope she really does start stealing his keys. I would.)


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