Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Lust Plague: Hot and Sexy Zombies

Lust Plague (Steamwork Chronicles, #2)


Saving the world should be easier. When airship captain Kaysana meets Sten the last thing she wants to do is have mad rough sex with him while bound by ropes and clamps…but fate pencils in their appointment. The lust plague strikes. From her infected crew, zombies arise. 

With her ship gone, she must rely on Sten, a human clone, a man who has fought all his life to master himself. She despises his kind and detests Sten’s growing hold on her. Though he never takes no for an answer, surely it’s the plague that makes yes slip from her tongue like melted butter? Or should she blame her own traitorous heart?

Hordes of slavering zombies await them. Sten and Kaysana unlimber weapons, don goggles, and set a course for the origin of the plague. Yet victory will be hollow if they cannot also solve the puzzle of their hearts.

This journey into the Steamwork Chronicles, book two is a passage into a lust ridden zombie plague that morphs into something a lot more dire. First you go crazy sexually and then the blood lust comes. When the book opened up, I was sucked right into the vortex of feeling. Author Cari Silverwood can turn a phrase and if you don't have a whole lot of lust in your heart after reading this book then you must be one of the undead yourself. lol.

When the main character is paired with a frankenstruct male, she fights the inner urges that make her lust for him so completely. Sensuous, delightful and in turns frightening, this world is not for the faint of heart.

The dialogue is effortless, the BDSM elements will rock your world and the fear that comes with a zombie plague adds a new level of ferocity that drives this plot forward at a fevered pace. I loved this book!


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